Our United States Sailing Association Certified Instructors


Picture of Pete Burg. Pete Burg

I really learned to sail when I joined a sailing club in Delaware about thirty years ago. I could say I've been sailing for thirty years but the Delaware club only sailed for six months each summer so maybe I've only been sailing for fifteen years. I was so happy when I found HSA after moving here five years ago. HSA is a wonderful club and not just for its affordability. The members are a great group of people willing to work at the club and help other members. I'm a boat captain, Instructor and Board of Directors member. I love teaching and really enjoy the Adult Sunfish and Capri classes.


Picture of Bill Field. Bill Field

Bill is an experienced sailor and a fine instructor.





Picture of Ellen Glynn. Ellen Glynn

I fulfilled my desire to learn to sail in 1990 at The Boston Sailing Center. I sailed along the New England Coastline until moving to Fl. in 2008. I joined HSA in 2009 and recently got my teaching certification. I enjoy being able to teach others the sport of sailing. When not working or sailing, I make and design unique jewelry, using wire, beads and semiprecious stones.




Picture of Lisa Herbster. Lisa Herbster

I've been sailing since I was a young kid. My dad learned how to sail when I was about 10. I watched him try to figure it out and taught myself how to sail. The next summer, my mom signed me up for Sunfish Sailing lessons. Every summer after that I returned to where I learned to sail and assisted where I could. When I turned 16, I was finally able to teach Sunfish sailing for the town of Southampton on Shinnecock Bay, on the South Shore of Long Island. It was the best summer job! One I held all through high school and college (7 or 8 summers). My husband, Chris, and I met in college because of the sailing team. We've been sailing together for 32 years and love sharing this passion with our two kids, Caroline and Brian. My family and I have lived and sailed in the Daytona/Halifax area for 20 years. After taking time to raise my family, I'm glad to return to teaching what I love - Sunfish sailing!


Picture of Ernst MatheusErnst Matheus

My dad took me sailing in his folding kajak, and I was hooked from that moment on. In my late teens I got heavily into Windsurfing, and travelled Europe to find the best spots. These days we sail our 36 foot West Indies almost every weekend, preparing for the day to get away from the grind, and sail around the world. HSA is a wonderful place for everyone to enjoy sailing, and teaching at the club is one of my favorite things to do!



Picture of Jake MorganJake Morgan

I began sailing in the late 1940's here on the Halifax River. My experience is mainly in small boats. I am a licensed USCG Master and I teach Keelboat and Small Boat sailing.




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