The Halifax Sailing Association sponsors numerous racing events each year!


Annual Events


Founder's Cup - Doc Kerman Regatta 




Gary Gorden Memorial Regatta




Thunder Mug Regatta 




Turkey Trot Regatta




HSA Club Race Days






Monthly Events

HSA has always been considered a small boat club. Most of our boats are centerboard dinghies: Opti's, Sunfish, Capri's and the occasional small multihull, the Little Boys. None the less, the club has often had a few somewhat larger boats, keelboats from 18' to 30'. Still fairly small, but to us, they were the Big Boys.

 In 2007 a club member, Jim Reilly, recognized that most of the big boat sailors were cruisers, not racers and were reluctant and ill prepared to participate in races, real races, governed by the official Racing Rules of Sailing. In an attempt to introduce those cruisers to the racing side of the sport, he devised "The Big Boys Race", an event that allows inexperienced sailors the opportunity to participate in a "regatta like" activity by sailing around a course in adherence solely to the Rules of the Road, not racing rules. It was, for many new members, their first look at sailing in a somewhat larger boat and participating in a "race". The BBR evolved into our "for fun" race where anyone in any boat could participate.  Jim ran these races, nearly a hundred and fifty of them, until the Fall of 2019

At about that time, the fall of 2019, the Board recognized that the "racier" sailors in our club deserved a monthly race, a real race, using those Racing Rules of Sailing.  Since the word "race" appeared in it's name, the new race is called the "Big Boys Race" and the old, informal, rules of the road race is renamed the "Fun Run Around the Buoys".

Both events  are open to all club sailors, are a good time for new members to get to know and be known by other members of the club, and each will have a potluck meal following the event, please bring a dish to share.


Fun Run Around the Buoys

Big Boys Race

Usually the first Sunday of the month, check the Calendar

Usually the third Sunday of the month, check the Calendar



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