We have lots of boats, but.....

dockmar2019Although some of our members own new boats, you will not find any new or even newish boats in the club livery. You'll find old boats, well used boats, often repaired boats, that reflect the heritage of an all-volunteer, not for profit, sailing association. Most of the boats we have were donated by generous friends of the association. The remainder were purchased by the association on the used boat market. None the less, we have loads of sailboats, so many boats that a member can almost always find a boat to sail, even on race day. The reason we get so much use out of our old fleet is that everyone, from the Commodore to the newest member, is encouraged to help maintain our boats. If you are sailing and something breaks, you should fix it. If you cannot, find another club member to help you fix it. If a new part or material is required and you can afford it, please pay for it. If not, the club will reimburse you.



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