Jim Laskowski, one of our members, has created a Sailing forum for our members use.  The forum could be used to ask questions, look for or volunteer for crew, or many other possible uses.  This forum is not a part of halifaxsailing.org.

To use the forum you must register on http://halifaxsailing.forumotion.com, be identified as a HSA member and subsequently be approved.  Jim has provided the following detailed instructions.



1) Go to http://halifaxsailing.forumotion.com

2) Click on the "::Register" link at the bottom and following instructions. 

IMPORTANT: Please make a user name that includes your real name as best you can with the 25 character maximum.  There is no other place to add your real name, and this will allow the HSA message boards admin to verify you are an HSA member before allowing you access.  It will also help others know that your posts are from you.  If the user name you try is already taken (by other forummotion users, not necessarily HSA members), try separating your first and last names with an underscore or adding your birthdate after your name.

4) After you've completed the registration, you will have not have access until an HSA message boards admin approves your access.  You will be notified by e-mail once this is done.

5) When you've been given access, make sure your are notified each time someone posts.  To do this, click on a forum (such as Safety and Vigilance) and then click on the "Start watching forum" link on the right hand side.  Do this for all six forums.

NOTE: It doesn't appear they have a mobile web app, but if you use your mobile browser and go to the message boards website, their mobile website is quite nice.