Duties of the Board of Directors



Overall HSA management
Run monthly HSA meeting and set agenda
Represent HSA at outside events
Present a short term and long term action plan for the approval by the club each year

First Vice Commodore:

Assume duties and powers of the Commodore during Commodore’s absence
Make report at monthly BOD and General Membership meetings
Facility Captain, organize all repairs needed for the pavilion
Yard Captain, organize lawn care, fence, gate, and beach needs
Dock Captain, organize use and repairs

Fleet Vice Commodore:

Make report at monthly meeting
Coordinate all Boat Captains
Manage maintenance and repairs of all HSA vessels
Coordinate vessel donations to/from HSA

Education and Training Vice Commodore:

Make report at monthly meeting
Coordinate sailing classes
Manage sailing instructors and assistants

Events Vice Commodore:

Make report at monthly meeting
Manage planning, execution of HSA events
Manage website event calendar
Obtain and coordinate volunteers to serve as Event Captains and Committee Members

Membership Vice Commodore:

Make report at monthly meeting
Work with Treasurer to account for dues money
Manage membership applications, qualifications and dues collection
Manage Gold and Silver space assignments and maintenance
Manage member access card system


Take minutes at all meetings, type and submit for website and Mainsheet
Present the prior month's minutes at the General Membership Meeting
Maintain & organize in a central storage, files of legal records, lease, charter, & original copies of all forms used


Maintain a detailed Profit & Loss report by event, boat, and other
Maintain the checkbook and register
Present detailed monthly reports at the General Membership Meeting
Dues Collections
Head a committee to develop the budget for the new year
Present proposed budget to members for discussion and approval
Provide a procedure for requesting expenditures and checks

Past Commodore:

Affiliate Club Appointed Representatives on the Board of Directors:

Halifax Youth Sailing
Embry Riddle Sailing Club
Hobie Fleet 80