Halifax Sailing Association

Guidelines for Gold Membership

This Document is a part of the Membership Agreement.

1. Location of Member’s vessel parking space shall be determined by an appointed individual or Committee, and shall be agreed upon and honored by the Member and the Association.
2. If no parking space is available at time of Gold Membership Application, a waiting list will be maintained on a first come, first served basis. Fees paid for general membership during the wait period will be applied on an annual prorated basis for the remaining period of the year when vessel parking space becomes available.
3. Gold Member’s vessel must be maintained in sailable condition and in good repair. Routine maintenance of Gold Member’s vessel and equipment at the facility shall be promptly addressed and completed. Major or prolonged repairs or refitting of vessel, equipment or trailer will require removal from the Club’s storage facility. Major or prolonged is defined as any repair/refitting lasting more than two (2) weeks.
4. Member’s vessel will be tied/strapped to a trailer. It is preferred that entire rig is tied to ground anchors under storm conditions. If the trailer is locked, a spare key/combination will be provided to the designated Club officer. At no time will a member’s trailer or vessel be locked to a permanent structure of the Club facility.
5. Member’s vessel shall not collect water. Available hull drains will be left open and/or weather covers installed to the extent practical.
6. Gold Member is expected to be considerate of other members’ and Club’s vessels and equipment, including but not limited to those adjacent to assigned storage space. Member shall be held financially responsible for avoidable damage. Any dispute of responsibility will be resolved by Committee as designated from time to time by officers of the Club.
7. Gold Member shall be responsible to maintain his/her designated storage space in a tidy manner, including but not limited to keeping grass mowed such that it does not exceed six (6) inches in height.
8 Any Gold Member who elects to sell his/her personal boat shall have a maximum of thirty (30) days to post signs at the facility and on the website. After thirty (30) days the vessel shall be removed unless sold to another Gold Member. Gold Membership shall not be transferred to a new member as a part of the sale.
9. Any Gold Member who replaces his/her personal boat with one larger than the space that accommodated his/her former smaller boat shall be placed on the Gold Membership waiting list until adequate space is available.
10. No vehicles may be left parked inside the facility gate during weekend and/or special event dates except handicapped or event-driven support situations. On these occasions, vehicles are permitted inside the gate only for the purpose of launching, recovery, or parking of trailered vessel after recovery. Additionally, no vehicles or boats may be parked outside the gate overnight, such as the evening prior to planned sailing.
11. Gold member shall be personally responsible for assuring sailing of personal boat (minimum six times) and participation in other club activities is logged on the club’s official records. Total minimum credits are 24 per year.
12. Gold Member participation shall be tracked via activity credits. A minimum of twenty-four credits must be accumulated per year. These points must include a minimum of six (6) sailings of personal boat. One credit will be applied for each distinct activity, with no more than two (2) credits applied to a single date. Required participation credits shall be prorated for partial-year new members.
Gold Members Point System
The five types of activities that count toward your gold membership commitment are as
If you sailed a club boat.
Worked on your own boat.
Sailed your own boat.
Attended a club activity.
Mowed under your boat.
For example: if, in one year, you attended four General Membership Meetings, helped out at the club on four Thursday Workdays, raced your boat in two races, sailed your boat six other times, worked on your boat four times and mowed four times, you would have 24 points. You can get two points in one day by sailing your boat and while it's out of the way mow the grass under it. It should be easy to get the 24 points if you are an active participating member.

A small form is available and must be filled out each time you either participate and/or sail your boat.