Halifax Sailing Association

Gold Membership Rules
1. The current revision of Guidelines For Gold Membership is considered to be a part of this
2. The Gold Member add on fee shall be $300 (in addition to the General/Student
membership fee) and shall be for a calendar year.
3. Each Gold Member shall be permitted to leave one boat at the facility subject to this agreement
and The Gold Membership Guidelines. The vessel must be trailerable and launchable at the Club
facility or at the boat ramp at Bethune point, mast up.
4. Gold Members are expected to participate regularly in Sailing Center activities including but not
limited to recreational sailing of member’s boat, periodic meetings, work projects, etc..
5. Metal tags must remain attached to trailers giving Members number to identify his/her phone
number and Member’s Agent in the event of an emergency. Member will remain responsible in
the event emergency contact with Member or Member’s Agent is not successful. Upon permanent
removal of trailer, metal tag must be removed and returned to HSA.
6. When vessel storage locations are assigned, members will be expected to honor space
assignments to accommodate as many Gold Members as possible.
7. Annual renewal of Gold Membership will be subject to review by the Gold Membership
Committee. If non-renewal is to be considered due to breach of agreement or other reasons,
member will be advised of pending non-renewal with reasons, in writing, by registered mail/RR.
Gold Membership Committee will review such notice and Member’s response. Conclusive
recommended action by the Committee will determine Member’s final Membership renewal
8. Non-payment/Breach: in the event member fails to make renewal dues payment by January 31,
or fails to comply with The Gold Membership Guidelines and the conditions set forth above, the
Club will mail to Member (Registered Mail/RR), a letter notifying Member of the non-payment or
breach and giving Member 20 days to correct the default or remove the boat. Should Member fail
or refuse to cure the default or remove the boat within 20 days, Member hereby relinquishes all
rights, title and interest in the boat to the Club without any need for court or legal process. The
Club may thereafter sell, use or dispose of the boat, trailer and accessories at the sole discretion
of the Board of Directors.
9. Member hereby Releases and Waives any past, present or future claim or cause of action against
the Club or its members or the City of Daytona Beach for any loss, damage or injury occurring on
the premises or arising from Club activities; Member also indemnifies Club and City of Daytona
Beach for Attorney’s fees, Claims or Judgments brought by Member’s guests for injury, damage
or loss.
10. The parties agree that this Agreement and the Gold Membership Guidelines are subject to
revision annually by the Board of Directors of the Club and/or Committee that may be appointed.
11. Member agrees to notify Club of any address change within 10 days thereof.