Halifax Sailing Association

Silver Membership Guidelines and Agreement
1. A portion of the club grounds will be set aside for the storage of dinghies owned
by Silver members.
2. Dinghies must be kept on dollies, and/ or be of size and configuration to permit them
to be easily moved around the grounds when necessary.
3. If the number of dinghies needed to be stored exceeds the space allotted, the club
may permit Silver members’ dinghies to be stored at other places on the club
grounds, or may expand the size of the allotted area, at it’s option.
4. Silver membership will be available to all members in any calendar year in which
they are paid up general members.
5. Silver members are required to make active use of their dinghies; the club
grounds are not to be used as a dead storage area.
6. Each dinghy must be identified by it’s owner and will have a club decal affixed to
it so it’s ownership may be known.
7. Dinghies that are on the club grounds on January 1 of each calendar year must
pay for Silver membership by March 1 of the current year or be removed by that
8. The Silver membership fee is $120 per year, per boat. This is in addition to the
student/general membership fee. Each family will be permitted two
Silver memberships. If sufficient space is available, this may be increased on a
case by case basis.
9. The classes of dinghies qualified for Silver membership include Optimist, Sunfish,
Laser, 420, and other similar type and size boats as determined by the Board of
10. Each Silver member must agree that they alone are responsible for the safety and
well being of their dinghy. Halifax Sailing Association is not responsible for
damage to, or theft of, any privately owned boats.
11. Each Silver Member is responsible for maintenance of their assigned area.
12. The Board of Directors, or their duly designated Membership Committee, may
approve exceptions for Silver Membership if deemed in the best interest of Halifax
Sailing Association.

Rev 1/2013