Back in July, we opened up the use of the HSA sunfish to club members, as long as a waiver is signed and all rules regarding proper cleaning and usage of the boats are followed. Since the use of the sunfish has gone well, we are now going to open up the club's Capris for member usage. Since these are 2-3 person boats - ALL people sailing MUST wear a face mask while on the Capri together. When possible, please sail on these boats with family members and/or people that are within your quarantine circle so we can minimize the spread of COVID-19. As must be done for the sunfish, a waiver MUST be signed by all people taking a Capri out on the water, and all HSA rules and protocols for taking care of club boats and sails must be read and followed.

We are not opening up the use of the keel boats at this time. These boats require too many people to sail making social distancing and the safety of non-family members sailing together a potential risk for COVID-19.