Hello everyone,

I have some good news. We will begin opening the club up a little bit. Beginning on Monday, July 13th, we will allow members to use HSA sunfish boats and equipment. We are only opening up sailing for the sunfish at this time. We can contain the sailing to just one person at a time so we'll be able to have people keep themselves separated from others. We are not ready to have boats used that require more than one person on the boat to sail. This means no regattas or fun races yet, as well as no big boat sailing. If sailing the sunfish is safe and things work well, we'll reconsider when to allow members to use other boats.

In order to open up the club more, the HSA board of directors has come up with some new, specific rules related to COVID-19. These rules are included below. Please read these! All members MUST sign a waiver related to COVID-19. If you aren't willing to sign the waiver, you won't be allowed to sail. The waiver forms will be on our website and there are copies ready to be signed in a box marked "waivers" on the main table under the pavilion. Signs have also been posted around the facility to remind you of the ways we're trying to stay safe. Please let me know if you have any questions.



Halifax Sailing Association
Rules & Regulations Regarding Protection from COVID-19

The following are required rules and regulations that all participants at and members of Halifax Sailing Association must follow when using the sailing facility.

For Everyone:
DO NOT come to or use facilities at HSA if you have a fever, are feeling ill, are at a high-risk to possibly contract the virus, have recently tested positive for the virus, or have been in contact with someone who may have been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past 14 days. Please self-quarantine.

**If you or someone you know who has used the HSA facility is diagnosed as positive for COVID-19, please contact our Commodore, Pete Burg at (609) 202-8281 ASAP.**

All HSA members and participants MUST sign a waiver and place it on file in the designated box (on the wood table under the pavilion) before handling or using any HSA equipment. You may print and sign the waiver at home and bring it to put in the box or sign a blank waiver and put it in the box at HSA. You may not sail, participate at, or use HSA boats and/or equipment if you do not sign a waiver.

**If you are not willing to sign a waiver, you will lose sailing privileges. The 1st time you don’t sign a waiver, you will be asked to leave the facility for the day. The 2nd time you will be prohibited from using the facilities for one week. The 3rd time you will be prohibited from using the facilities for one month.**

Regarding people and personal hygiene:
Please maintain a social distance of at least 6 ft at all time. When unable to maintain a 6 ft distance, please wear a mask when talking to others.

All HSA members and participants MUST wear a mask while under the pavilion, in the bathrooms, in the sail room, and in the annex/garage. Please provide your own mask/face covering. HSA is not able to provide them.

All areas that are individual rooms – the bathrooms, the sail room the annex/garage – can now have only ONE person inside using them or getting equipment at a time. Please wear a mask while using these areas.

Please wipe down the bathroom facilities before and after each use.
Please wash your hands often with soap and water and/or clean with hand sanitizer regularly.

No touching others (i.e., no handshakes, high fives, fist bumps). No sharing.

Please wipe down, with HSA provided wipes, all surfaces and areas that you touch and/or use while at the facility before leaving for the day.

NO social activities at the club. No one can “hang around” for food after sailing. Members and participants may sail, clean everything up properly and go home.

NO groups larger than 8 people at a time using the facility.

Regarding personal gear and use of HSA equipment:
All members and participants MUST always wear close-toed shoes while on the property.

All members and participants MUST always wear a Coast Guard approved PFD/life jacket while on the water (in any boat). You must provide your own PFD. HSA is not able to provide them at this time.

Each room that must be entered, may have only ONE person at a time. This includes: the bathrooms, the sail room, the annex/garage. You must wear a mask in these areas.

All members and participants MUST provide and use their own personal items. These include, but are not limited to: sunscreens, clothing, foods, drinks, glassware. HSA has a filtered water fountain for use by all members and participants. NO sharing of any foods/drinks or personal items is permitted.

Each sailor is solely responsible for their own boat and all equipment. (Note: Equipment consists of: a sail or sails, a rudder/tiller w/extension, a daggerboard, a mast or spars.) To maintain 6 ft of social distancing, each sailor must do each of the following steps alone (NO assistance):

Get the boat and all equipment by oneself. (Note – When carrying sails to/from the sail room, carry the sail and spars on your hip so you avoid placing them on your shoulder because this exposes your face to the sail.)

Wash and cleanse the boat and all equipment with soap and water before rigging.

Rig the boat. (Don’t forget to check plugs!) Sail and have fun!

Return to shore. De-rig the boat.

Wash and cleanse the boat and all equipment with soap and water after de-rigging.

Make sure sails and equipment are thoroughly dry before putting away.
Put away all equipment and put the boat back on the rack.

Clean up all areas where one has touched and used surfaces.

Check that all equipment is cleaned and put away and all doors are completely closed and locked.