A Message From The Commodore 5/16/2020

Hello everyone,

As you know, HSA has been closed to all group gatherings - sailing lessons, Big Boys Races, regattas - since March 20. The HSA Board of Directors met this past Thursday, 5/14 to discuss how we think the club can move forward. At this time, it has been decided that we will continue to remain closed until at least July 1, 2020 for the safety of our members and the club. The board will meet again on the final Thursday of June to discuss further steps depending upon how things are going nationally. Our decisions have been made based upon CDC guidelines for programs like ours, as well as the recommendations put forth from our main organization, US Sailing. We are a small club. It will be very difficult for us to guarantee and maintain proper social distancing and cleaning and disinfecting of equipment.

This decision was made due to a number of factors:
1) Our club insurance is NOT covering ANY club in the event of a COVID-19 related lawsuit brought against the club. We are not willing to put ourselves into any legal jeopardy.
2) We do not have staff who could more easily help monitor usage of club facilities and the cleaning and disinfecting of everything anyone touches and/or uses.
3) We cannot guarantee that all participants will observe club rules, especially new protocols, without a better way to monitor such activity.

Currently, HSA will remain closed for ALL group activities until further notice. As far as members coming to the club to use the facilities for an individual sail, this may be done but you must use your own equipment only. NO HSA equipment may be used at this time. We cannot be certain club equipment will be properly cleaned, disinfected, dried, and put away without putting anyone in danger of being exposed to the virus. Sorry!

The board of directors is also looking at various waivers that other clubs have put together for their new rules and regulations related to using facilities in the time of COVID-19. We will be creating one specifically for HSA usage. This will be put on the website (as soon as it is done) and ALL members will be required to download the form, sign it and have it on file with HSA before using club facilities.

All of this is being done to protect the club and its members! Thank you for helping us to keep the facility safe. (Note: If you do go to HSA and you use any of the facility (i.e., bathrooms, hoses, a table top at the pavilion), please wipe everything down well before leaving. Thank you.)

On another, more positive note: the public boat ramp next to HSA is expected to open on May 29, 2020. Fingers crossed it happens! That will make launching some HSA boats much easier!! The new bridge is supposed to be opening around the same time too!
I hope you are all well and healthy!