Beat the heat, learn to sail in June.

We are offering Adult Sunfish, Intermediate Capri and Basic Keelboat classes, all in June!

But I already know how to sail.  Well maybe?  Even if you have lots of experience on larger boats, you should consider learning how to sail our Sunfish.  When sailing these little boats you really do feel the "essence" of sailing.  You'll learn to read the wind and water better from your position inches, not feet above the water.  You will make better use of your time, you can be sailing ten minutes after you arrive at the club and drive away minutes after returning from your sail.  IT'S WAY MORE FUN! 

Although experienced sailors do not need to take the course to check out on the Sunfish, the class covers all aspects of Sunfish sailing and at $175 for four days of sailing (6/22, 6/23, 6/29, 6/30), it is a good value.

The Intermediate Capri class will introduce more advanced concepts, sailing with two sails and two crewmembers, to recent Sunfish class graduates.  $175 for two days (6/8, 6/9).

The Basic Keelboat course is an entry level course (no prerequisites other than knowing how to swim and being in good health) that will provide "basic" skills in our larger boats to new sailors or as a refresher for experienced sailors.  $600 for four days (6/22, 6/23, 6/29, 6/30). Includes one year of US Sailing membership and USSA Basic Keelboat certification.  (This course does not in itself qualify members to sail HSA boats in excess of 18 feet.  Unless you have some experience, you will need more "time in the boat" to qualify.)

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